Health & Money – The Two Prongs of Life

Health & Money – The Two Prongs of Life

Health and money matter a lot to everyone. If you don’t care much about your health, eventually your health won’t care much about you. The same holds true for your relationship with money. If you think money rules (spend less than you earn, save for decades not days, etc.) apply to others but not to you…well the rules will inevitably have their due.

I used the word relationship on purpose in the paragraph above because, like it or not, you are inexorably connected to your health and your money.


Your unique personal experiences with health and money eventually become the framework for how you perceive everything that relates to either.

Here’s the rub: while these highly personal experiences are important to you, they aren’t very meaningful to the broader world of health or money.

That is, your personal experiences are your bubble, but this bubble doesn’t change the underlying health and money rules. This dichotomy is at the core of most health and money problems.

Your experiences anchor you and attach you to a certain mindset on health and money matters. Many researchers believe this feeds our subconscious reasoning which ultimately becomes the foundation for many financial and health decisions.


Luck also plays a big role in your health and financial life. Luck is the opposite side of risk and represents a huge factor outside of your control. If you have good genetics or were born in the right zip code, you’re lucky but you can’t exert control over those factors.

When you make an investment, you might have good luck or experience the flip side, risk (bad luck). You can’t control luck and there are always unknown risks along the way.

Sometimes poor health or non-ideal financial outcomes can be traced directly to bad behavior but sometimes it’s just bad luck.


While there are countless ways to express it, most individuals want to have both good health and prosperity. Many people talk about retirement but lack the action necessary to accomplish this aim. Everyone talks about good health but most can’t muster the micro steps needed to reach this aim.

You know on an intellectual level what needs to happen, but your bubble keeps you from being able to make real progress when it comes to either health or money.

Ultimately, your satisfaction with life rests largely on these two-prongs of health and money. Poor physical health erases much of the comfort money brings; poor financial health casts a pall over every aspect of your life.

What one small action today would improve your physical health? What about your financial health?

The key to improving your relationship with health and money is to take action steps. Move outside your bubble into reality. Your future self will thank you. Start there. Ready for a real conversation?