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Creating A Planning Structure For Smart Decisions

When you think of your financial future, you probably have a vision in mind. The primary objective is to prioritize your aspirations and align your resources accordingly. That creates the most reliable path to a sustainable financial future.

What Does It Mean to Be Successful?

We'll Begin By Determining What Matters Most

If your financial direction is unclear, you’re likely easily distracted or filled with anxieties about money matters. At J.E. Wilson Advisors, it’s our job to help you establish a decision-making framework and provide clear direction. No matter your financial concerns, we’ll help you establish priorities so you can spend time on the passions, interests and goals that matter most.

We believe that financial planning creates the framework for investing, as investing should always have an ultimate goal. We’ll help you put in place a simple, low-cost investment strategy that matches this purpose.

Ultimately, purposeful investing and planning are built around two primary components:

Your Goals

What you want to happen.

Your Fears & Concerns

What you don’t want to happen.

We’ll Take These Into Consideration

Using a Distinct Planning Process

The most valuable aspect of our planning process is our emphasis on understanding how behavior impacts financial decisions. Our brains don’t have a distinct designation for financial decision-making and that presents a huge obstacle for making smart choices.

We’ll help prepare you for a range of possibilities including outcomes that may seem unlikely today. We’ll also advise you on appropriate course corrections to your planning framework as life events change your priorities.

We’ll begin by getting to know you, discovering the questions and goals you have in mind, and determining if it makes sense to continue the conversation. Select a time that works for you or give us a call to learn more about how we serve our clients.

Through a Team-Based Approach

We’ll help you make smart decisions

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