Things That Never Change; Things That Always Change

Things That Never Change; Things That Always Change

The year that we are living through has put a spotlight on change. Most of the things we considered “unchangeable” earlier this year have actually proven to be things that can change…and change quickly in some instances.

What we pay attention to each day has dramatically changed during 2020. We now have legions of new “experts” on statistics and all forms of mostly mindless reams of data. Medical metrics capture our attention like never before.

Financial and investment barometers always seem to be changing but, in reality, still follow what many decades of history foretell. The age-old cycle of euphoria, panic, and regret remains in force.

Different generations follow different things of course and that’s always been the case…but we think it’s new.


Technology in all its facets continues to change. A few years ago, who could have imagined a world relying on Zoom as a primary means of conducting business?

The phones we walk around with in our pockets are more powerful than laptops were just a decade ago. The best camera most of us own is built into our phone. Even a handful of years ago this was barely imaginable. Technology doesn’t stand still.


As much as the world and everything in it appears to constantly change, some elements still remain the same. Despite our best intentions, each and every decision that we make starts and ends with our emotions. We just rationalize these emotional choices with our head. This is part of our human wiring and never changes.

A couple other things that never change…you’re not going to live forever and you can’t control everything. Despite your efforts, this was your reality yesterday and it will be your reality tomorrow.

Each of us react and respond to incentives. This is the central crux of economics and never changes because it’s built around human nature. Your life, financial and otherwise, is organized around these incentives.

It’s easy to think in a period of high anxiety that everything is changing but thankfully some things still remain constant. Start there. Ready for a real conversation?